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Kiosk – Ay Ay – Global Zoo

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  1. Kiosk

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11 thoughts on “Kiosk – Ay Ay – Global Zoo

  1. They make songs which say what most of think and suffer from!!! I love this band!!!!

  2. khaste nabashi

  3. The best thing that came out of Iranian regime

  4. Ahang aalie! Video khoob nis

  5. Ahang aalie! Video khoob nis

  6. shahin najafi, reza sadeghi, Kiosk.
    behtarinhaye doreye ma

  7. the lyrics of this song and all other songs by this band are brilliant. You guys are really smart. congratulations and I wish you Kiosk the best.

  8. very cool

  9. i have this album!
    but with the video its all more……

    who cutted and edid it,
    did a realy good job

  10. great lecture (not really a music), meaningful clip… anyway I like Kiosk

  11. Great Music , but crap clip ,

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