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Job Killer: McDonald’s Adding Automated Order Machines to All Restaurants

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16 thoughts on “Job Killer: McDonald’s Adding Automated Order Machines to All Restaurants

  1. The machines are much much more better then their shitty workers, in the machine you can built your own burger not like infront of the worker where you can only but thru the menu..

  2. If mcdonalds doesnt hire anybody or very few in the town you live, you should not buy their low grade dogfood. Its simple economics, if I built a restuarant and had plenty of capital to stay in business without making a profit, whats the incentive? To put local competitors out of business. Do not buy from mcdonalds period. Its the equavilent of a complete stranger coming to your town sucking up all the wealth and giving nothing in return. Everybody in town will become poorer will mcdonalds gets richer. Its not a good idea, buy from your neighbor, family and friends and the community where you live. Things are going to get ugly, the distribution of wealth is concentrated in a select few while everybody will hold a tipcup.

  3. This is the only way to get your order right

  4. Liberals don't understand the relationship between paying burger flippers more and food prices.

  5. Does it have an RFID scanner for those who want to pay with Beast currency, I mean Bitcoin?

  6. Never McDonald's eaters, (or non-eater vegan, etc. etc. It will be about as difficult to operate these kiosks as an atm machine, pay at the pump, etc. Learn how to work on these machines or install them for 30-40 bucks an hour. Quit mouth breathing in math class workers of the world.

  7. In Canada they don't bring it to you, you get a number and there's a waiting area


  9. the whole concept of the common voter wanting jobs or higher wages is a long con, with increasing automation, people instead should be voting for basic income. are people that braindead stupid that they want to devote 30-40 years of their life to taking orders and giving change. if a machine can do it, why would you?

  10. One day they wont need the cooks at McDonalds either. There will probably end up being 2 people at each location There will be a manager that is trained on how to run, maintain and repair the technology. They will also deal with customer issues like complaints and phone calls. The second employee will do things like prep the food, make sure the place is clean, take out the trash.

  11. David too good to eat at Mickey Deez, lol.

  12. i wont do business with mcdonalds anymore if they don't give back jobs!!!

  13. i hate those things and if they are doing that you can forget about alli speed going there because they wont have their secret menu and its the only thing she orders from and its the holiday pie

    thx for this ha bisky vid

  14. You should double-check about the fries at McDonald's. They used to have animal fat, but I believe they became vegetarian years ago.

  15. Several fast food changes to automate everything from cooking to serving. And almost all have said in their corporate meetings on labor. It's due to cutting labor since it costs too much, in comparison to operation, cost and maintenance of the machines.

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