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Jetstar Self-service Check-in Kiosk

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4 thoughts on “Jetstar Self-service Check-in Kiosk

  1. Can you print the bag tags at Sydney airport?

  2. Checking in diy is commendable but when everyone is going paperless,the idea of printing itinerary to scan instead of pressing in the digits is one step forward and one step back. So aside from the security risks of unattended bags, pls take these reviews and address our concerns.

  3. Its great apart from the fact I travel with Jetstar every month and every time I use this system it comes up with "mismatch" Just a shame none of the staff know why and nobody is there to find out, thus self check in is a total waste of time for me every month

  4. That's a brilliant move to implement self-check ins. Next would be the other things like having staff near by to advise and assist when users have questions and other factors. But still, a great idea.

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