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Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant and Food Unboxing ★ ONLY in JAPAN #44 レトロ自販機

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14 thoughts on “Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant and Food Unboxing ★ ONLY in JAPAN #44 レトロ自販機

  1. that's a pretty iffy looking Automat makes me miss the old Horn & Hardarts

  2. I wanna go here….

  3. idk why i watched this more than 10 times XDDD

  4. buger actually looks disgusting.

  5. Damn, The Japanese are living it, one of the safest countries and all the tech and stuff like that
    (EDIT) by the way in the US the bottle opener would've probably been stolen 5 minutes on its opening

  6. Good video but don't like the presenter

  7. I feel like this is good for shy people

  8. Gordan Ramsey will kill the owner, the food is so soggy…

  9. Is it me or does he look like a nonce

  10. imagine gordon ramsay visit this place, he will destroy those vending machine followed by few cursed words and complaining to the owner

  11. Thank you so much for this, one of the most favorite channels overe there, greetings from Mexico 😀

  12. im sorry but that intro with you in the kimono made you look like a weeb

  13. burger looks like a dirty diaper, i love grabbing boiling hot water with my bare hands, thats some lonely ass eating.

  14. Japanese visit this place with longing for nostalgia, not for perfect taste.

    I'm very galad so many foreigners are interested in our culture at any rate;)

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