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Jackass – bad grandpa

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18 thoughts on “Jackass – bad grandpa

  1. this lil blonde kid savage af xd

  2. dirty hippie

  3. "We're from your face !"

  4. Bad Grandpa or Angry Grandpa? Lol

  5. Wow now you swear in front of him? What kind of role model are you? Lmao

  6. Ya got a light? Ah shit…..lmao, why does he say ah shit lol?

  7. ..HaHaàà.. I'm 53 and I could've Destroyed that "Hippy".! 🙂

  8. Looks like the singer on shadows fall

  9. say goodbye to the hippies huahaha

  10. Babies in Indonesia smoke. I'm not stopping anyone. It's their own decision.

  11. Ervin ziskmann!

  12. How did those people fall for this XD I would have been on the floor pissing myself!

  13. lol good video 😀

  14. Were from your face

  15. We're surrounded by 341 cocksuckers

  16. he said piss off

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