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Israeli Salesman at the Mall

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16 thoughts on “Israeli Salesman at the Mall

  1. Yea have the Dead Sea shit at my mall some creepy lady that worked there said she will wait for me to be older wtf

  2. hah rude

  3. this is the best I love Israeli

  4. this is a migrant mizrahi piece of shit conspirecy israeli, theres also the piece of lame conspirecy ** ashkenazis
    thats what you take into your malls from israel, what nice pieces of shit

  5. He could've sold it for 30 had he stopped "upping the price"

  6. this is not an israeli salesman at the mall…. this is an arab israeli salesman at the mall

  7. no…noooooooooooo!

  8. hahahah love this cartoon! i need more!!

  9. if ur israeli you'll be holding ur sides laughing XD

  10. I used to sell dead sea

  11. they always have beautiful looking Israeli men and women to hypnotize you lol . Isreali guy:" how many shirtzz you own? "
    me: "plenty"
    Israeli guy :"and how many products do you hav for jur facez ? you only have one facez take care of it for you 30$ its a secret okay okay "

  12. hilarious!

  13. This is a hilarious satire of what these scammers really do. Thanks

  14. ענקקקקקקקקק חחחחחחח

  15. חחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחח ענק

  16. amazing

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