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Israeli Dead Sea Salt Kiosks

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16 thoughts on “Israeli Dead Sea Salt Kiosks

  1. Holy balls man… I almost was a victim!!! Good thing I researched while AT THE KIOSK!!! Sleazy dude even offered me faux discount. Ugh the ploy was too smart! I just saved 40 usd bloooop nice story btw. You perfect for hi 5 like then children's show

  2. Trust in Christ Jesus! I'm working with one, and she is SLOWLY becoming interesed in SALVATION. No Jesus,no salvation, Period. The products are decent, nothing special.

  3. u look like those crazy bone toys that McDonald's used to sell.

  4. you need to keep in mind , Palestine is going through a genocide committed by the Jews on the Palestinians ,
    for those of you who have conscious please boycott Israel anything that comes out from Israel including traveling to Israel ,
    the money you spent there will be used to expand the genocide , the only thing missing out of Palestine right now is the gas Chambers , after all Palestine is an open-air prison , thank you for your consideration .

  5. I saw one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen at one of these kiosks and when she started with the sales shit I turned it around and asked her if she had been travelling in my country since she arrived… just flat out asked her what day she was off and if she wanted to jump in my nice truck and take a drive to the country and go hiking. The scam became apparent in seconds as the "mother hen" figure swooped in to attempt to run me off. It was clear from the completely over the top aggression level that there was some weird shit going on. I looked back at hottie and could see she was just embarrassed that this ogress interrupted the conversation. Shortly after this event I read the stories of the Immigration Service Investigation into the whole network. Even though this experience reinforced every negative stereotype I've ever heard about Israelis, I still have to say that girl was a knockout.

  6. what? do you have Fucking corn starch in your lip or something

  7. all up in this mug

  8. מה זה??

  9. The perfect victims are wimpy guys who have trouble saying "no" to an attractive woman.

  10. You're so funny. However, if it works it works. Right? I think the only thing that really sucks is the fact that you have to get hustled into buying it at a ridiculous price. I'm good at saying no; so, they can make goo-goo eyes with me all they want. If I buy, it's because I genuinely want to.

  11. bro u lovely but usualy people scared we still money but gre8 quality and amazing service in the end u pay for shit products even more and they dont meke u fill neaghter 10% from what u feel with us

  12. shut up u fuckers u all love it and act like bullshit persons witch i feel to throw on u fucking peace of shit u are

  13. The guy got me lol. Started with a buffer. LOL. He was a great salesman! and face me the kit for 30 . My husband was when convinced! And yes the accent helped

  14. I live in israel and worked at one of the factories that made this product (the scrub is regular sea salt) and still somehow i bought this shit. in israel! at the mall. for 50 shekels (10$) no discount….
    seller be like:
    "you see this?
    this is one of a kind.
    I give you 5…."
    ha ha ha ha…..

  15. haha same thing. I got suckered in like a fool. I been seduced many times by them but they finally got me last night. broke me in embarrassing me, then trying to build me up. hit on me. twirled me around :S I just wanted to leave but be had a grip on my arm. so guess what I did? anything to get out of there haha that was a fail

  16. "Your hands…they're rough." -Dead Sea Salt Girl

    "'Cause I'm a workin' man." -AskTorlando

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