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ipad photobooth kiosk Less than $600

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12 thoughts on “ipad photobooth kiosk Less than $600

  1. Hi Sir, what IPad do you recommend that takes the bests picks and I heard that Dlsr photo software has an iPad app. Which software do you recommend?

  2. What about using the iPad pro?

  3. You should make one for the iPad Pro 12.9

  4. How far back do you suggest ppl stand with the isit app? For best quality pics using the iPad Pro ?

  5. Does not look to be ADA compliant at all. Both height and reach are not compliant.

  6. is this compatible with a mac laptop? i would probably use simple booth event app. what printer do you recommend? thanks!

  7. which kit is this on your site?

  8. you mentioned at the end of the video that it's less than 600 dollars, I looked at the website and it has it for 750. can I still get it for less than 600?

  9. Yes, but the ipad 3 does not have a high definition front camera, it is best with ipad 4, air or air II since they all have 1.2MP facetime cameras

  10. Could I use a iPad 3 with this setup?

  11. Can you please send me information or is there a website. .I'm 110% interested

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