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Interactive Video Game Kiosk At Target

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5 thoughts on “Interactive Video Game Kiosk At Target

  1. Used to have one of these. It was actually made by Microsoft (the UI looked like the Xbox 360 UI).

  2. @dpl1108121 Yeah it seemed fairly slow when I was using it. Especially since it's not really pulling that much data or display too much.

  3. I live in NE minneapolis too… these things are a Piece of shit! every time I try to use it. it is fucking frozen or out of service or just very slow

  4. @ihavederphands Correct, never used a redbox. I stream most of my movies from Netflix or Amazon. Come to think of it I don't actually have a regular DVD player anymore, just an XBOX 360.

  5. @njlongtin so you are saying you have never used redbox?

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