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Intellivision Store Display! Trade-N-Games Kiosk Collection

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8 thoughts on “Intellivision Store Display! Trade-N-Games Kiosk Collection

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Wow. That was way past cool. I would love to know how you obtained the demo cartridge. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  3. Oh, man, this is delightful. My sister hid the Atari 2600 from my mother a few years ago before she could throw it out (my generation's baseball cards: the video game consoles that didn't fit in the car when you moved out (and also technically belonged to your dad)), but I don't think she would have thought to rescue the Intellivision. I loved the plastic inserts that let you customize the controllers for each game, even if the controllers themselves looked like a person from 1970s trying to envision a modern cell phone.

  4. Always loved the Kiosks from when i grew up in the 90's. Really cool to see what kiosks were like before then in the early years.

  5. Subscribed

  6. We are working on a full feature for the Colecovision Kiosk. Its coming real soon

  7. awesome stuff – great video!

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