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Instruction Self service drop off baggage on Schiphol

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5 thoughts on “Instruction Self service drop off baggage on Schiphol

  1. I was wondering if I might dare to scan mobile boarding pass instead of boarding paper pass ? thanking in advance. A

  2. i can only bring 12 kilos with me do i still need to do this?

  3. was at Schiphol today & was waiting in a very long queue for this "service" which we thought would be faster than the usual human check in. We watched several people having a great deal of trouble with the machines & no one was available to help! One couple were there at least 15 mins! We noticed 2 humans at the end manning conventional baggage check ins so we went there. the clowns that designed this system obviously never tested it in real world situations! Top tip – just check in at the normal queues – far faster !

  4. What uk airport is this available at

  5. I have had this experience in Schiphol it was extremely easy

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