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If Redbox has hit the limit on DVD rental kiosks, what’s next?

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18 thoughts on “If Redbox has hit the limit on DVD rental kiosks, what’s next?

  1. Anybody remember Blockbuster :'( ?

  2. Smart TVs will be the demise of Redbox.

  3. Bring back blockbuster red box was cool at first but naw it just sucks there no good movies blockbuster here a shit loud of movies you can choose from an a lot of the good ones are only on blue ray what the fuck an you can't even go to the extras what upper with that bring back blockbuater

  4. Do people still got to redbox? Weird huh

  5. That Atrak joke was so brooklyn

  6. It all comes down to people of this country are just getting lazier and lazier. I will gladly get my ass off the couch to go get a blu-ray for $1.50 then pay $5.99 online for an HD version. america wants everything handed to them on a fucking platter. tTheres no better feeling then working hard for something and then actually getting it. plus netflix sucks lol

  7. How about Blu-ray for $1 and 3D also? Streaming is the way to go anyway.

  8. Fuck redbox

  9. Innovate or DIE!!

  10. Remember having to run to Blockbuster HOPING your movie or video game was still there?

  11. RedBox Instant is failing because they partnered with Verizon. Verizon's sole purpose on this planet is to suck all good from it.  

  12. Its a broken business model since the beginning, no matter how many boxes u put on the street

  13. well that sucks 

  14. It's the first '90Seconds On The Verge' that wasn't clear and easy yo understand …

  15. Redbox will disappear just like those tiny camera film development huts that were a common sight in parking lots in the 1980s.  Remember those?

  16. someone needs to copy everything that Redbox has done but have the same price but give them an extra day for Movies and games, watch the money pile up

  17. physical media is done. Macbooks have no dvd drive. surfaces no dvd drives. people want streaming.

  18. 90 seconds on something that could've been summarised in 10.

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