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13 thoughts on “I WANT IT THAT WAY – SCENE (HD) -Magic Mike XXL -(BACKSTREET BOYS)

  1. He, Matt, and Channing are my favourites now!!

  2. lol hardcore boys in the back just backin him up. Boss AF

  3. My only problem with this scene is that it was TOO SHORT!! And what on Earth was that chick's problem?! When she FINALLY looked up, I cannot believe she didn't smile immediately; I know that I would have!! Oh my!

  4. If anyone can make a teenage Angela Merkel smile, it would be Joe.

  5. Was anxious to appear considerate on a second date … went to see this. At this scene I laughed-cheered so hard the girl later said she changed her mind about me instantly. Been dating (happily) ever since! And yes, I mimic the scene when a few pints in, and she needs a laugh. Stunt double though, I am not. Nice upload matey.

  6. In the opening scene the girl in a helmet was Jenna channing's wife.. that was they said she made a cameo..

  7. I think he is ugly

  8. it’s fluffy!!!!

  9. that face tho at 1:411:43 arghhhhhh

  10. A mans life in a nutshell…

  11. She's really pretty when she smiles

  12. and that is how he got sofia vergara

  13. Please do tell me why

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