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Hp Envy x360 m6 2 in 1 Convertible Gaming Laptop Review

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13 thoughts on “Hp Envy x360 m6 2 in 1 Convertible Gaming Laptop Review

  1. Very informative. Great review….. Thumbs up (y)

  2. GTX 930M?! Holy shit! Can you put 2 RAM sticks in? So does mean I can put 32 GBs of RAM?

  3. I bought a hp envy x360 convertible but not ecactly the same that you have and the guy In the store said it was perfect for rendering complex 3d models in software like blender but blender render it very slowly I have tried to make it detect my I dont even know what it is called but I think it was a processor thing and it detected it but It didn't work and I dont expect you to know anything about blender or something like that. and then I was playing tf2 on it (it is a game made by valve if you didn't know) and it lagged really much I had 16 ish ping but it had like 2 frames per second sometimes. is this normal or have I done something I shoudnt have done? sry for being so late I understand If you dont care about this and now you have another sub.

  4. my one has fx9800 p and amd radeon r7 graphics what can it run?

  5. I like your vids, no need for whimsical music tho, JMO Im jacking my M6 to 16gb and 1tb ssd Ill psot vid on my other channel top5reviews.


  6. Idk if $577 is a good deal for laptop, tbh. I want to know if the graphics card on this laptop is suitable for video editing and could the memory be upgraded? I watched your vid for the ssd upgrade, and it seems kind of confusing, but I think this laptop is going to need it. That 5400rpm drive isn't going to cut it.

  7. nice vid dude. very educative

  8. lenovo yoga 700 is a better gaming 2 in 1

  9. do you think this would run battlefield 1 on med settings with a decent frame rate and very little lag if any at all?

  10. it seems an update, presumably the anniversary update, broke tablet mode for me. when flipped into tent or tablet mode, the orientation doesn't change nor does it automatically go into tablet mode. anyone else having this problem?

  11. But can it play h1z1 at all?

  12. dude u literally look like our police officers twin at my school but with different hair color

  13. I hate that i have it but the card is not as poweful as i thought i could have probably have gotten a gaming PC for less.Also can u Change the card in the envy just wonderring

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