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How To Use Post Office Self Service Kiosk

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9 thoughts on “How To Use Post Office Self Service Kiosk

  1. hugouspsffoicecozmoboxok

  2. Where on the receipt in the tracking number located?

  3. can you put your own big package in there?

  4. Good video. My brother's printer isn't working and I need to ship two items. Never had to use usps kiosks before until now.
    I sell on ebay as well.

  5. that bin you used at the end said no large envelopes. is it talking about a different kind of envelope?


  7. Ay bro use stamps you'll save money 6.80 is too much for a padded envelope

  8. Hey Jay Good to know you are on ebay. I am to and also sale on Amazon. Great video

  9. I never heard of putting the bar code/shipping label on the side. Did the delivery go through?

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