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How to Use a Delta Kiosk

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11 thoughts on “How to Use a Delta Kiosk

  1. What if I have a carry on bag, do I still need to have that bag checked?

  2. This vdo is update?

  3. a very nice & informative video.thanks delta

  4. Thanks Delta! This helps a lot! Now I'm prepared! : )

  5. very helpful. flying on delta tomorrow

  6. How about having an Automated Kiosk where all your preferences are stored on your Frequent Flier Card lol

  7. do you charge to switch to a latter flight last minute.

  8. As a Delta Employee I can check in 10 people my per every one person at the kiosk

  9. this video helped me a lot, thanks Delta!

  10. DELTA is awesome.

  11. Are these kiosks at every airport you guys serve? I'm flying this friday, and I'm hoping the kiosk will make my travel time more efficient.

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