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How to Use a Bitcoin ATM

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15 thoughts on “How to Use a Bitcoin ATM

  1. Upcoming cryptocurrency is the champcoin

  2. How to creat a btc acount and on what site.

  3. damn this atm looks too beautiful to let it stand outside somewhere

  4. ALL bitcoin is nothing but worthless fantasy currency that only exists as some binary code truly amazing how gullible anyone would be to even own a single bitcoin (1,000) dollars, do people not understand that during any mass emergency the entire internet grid would be shut down and you would lose every drop of your investments !!

  5. can the atm scan QR code from a piece of paper.

  6. where do you find the verification number?

  7. How to convert into cash Bitcoin ? How much can you pick up (Dollar)?

  8. Bitcoin newbie here

    1.) Which app / bitcoin wallet were you using? I take it it's not linked to your phone number, that's just used for verification.
    2.) Can we expect the same or very similar machine method to be used worldwide? Like back in the states or does it vary by country?

  9. And where in Geneva is this?

  10. Can you withdraw money from the btc atm

  11. I have bitcoins but dont use it so i sell them

  12. ooo when does the atm take the percentage?? for example if I need 180 worth in btc will the machine tack on its transaction fee totaling 195? or will it take it out of the 180 ??? I'm confused

  13. What is the name of the machine you are showing? Do they have a manufacturers website? I thought Canada had that type (no handprint authentication) but I dont know how to find one without going to Switzerland. Thanks for posting!

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