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How to Skip the Airport Customs Counter

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11 thoughts on “How to Skip the Airport Customs Counter

  1. it's a big chance that those scaners will put you a barcode on your forehead, as "they" are doing it when you make photo for biometric passport, so be careful, better to stay 1h more, than to get mark of the beast, satan's mark.

  2. this is bs

  3. The British Passport is issued to British citizens at any age over 18 , and is the primary document of international travel issued by the British Government. The British passport allows for free rights of movement, residence, employment and study in any of the states of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Croatia, Israel, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey and the British dependencies in Europe.
    The British Passport content A technology weapon Against the Counterfeiting. An image of Britain as a rural idyll of village greens, stately homes and the white cliffs of Dover is presented in the new design of the UK passport unveiled today to be introduced in October. Passport chiefs also intend to use the British weather as their latest weapon against counterfeiters. Met Office weather symbols are to be overprinted on most pages with the mixture of isobars and fronts providing a picture of an overwhelmingly overcast country with little sunshine. The images used in the passport do not include the union flag or any European Union symbols. Instead the white cliffs of Dover, the Gower peninsula in Wales, Ben Nevis in Scotland and the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland were chosen to represent the four nations of the United Kingdom. The images of picture postcard Britain emerged as a result of a competition among Identity and Passport Service staff. They include pictures of village greens, Blenheim Palace, Durdle Door in Dorset, fishing villages, beach huts, canals, dry stone walls and lakes full of brown trout. Wildlife portrayed includes terns, fulmars and dragonflies.

  4. What the hell are U.S. CBP doing in England? if  it's England like someone here said.

  5. Are you new?

  6. human just tought him how to work a machine hows how do u figure ur gettin molested , what are u hiding from a machine thats easier than waiting at the counter for them to do it lmao stupid idiot


    Whatever happened to being free and being allowed to pass unmolested?

  8. for the convenience it is worth it

  9. is that fingerprint international?

  10. yes and they would have your FINGER PRINTS ,,,MF

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