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How to purchase a BART ticket

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16 thoughts on “How to purchase a BART ticket

  1. Meanwhile 20 people were held up simply due to a completely stupid computer program in a stupid train system

  2. That was very helpful, thank you.

  3. what a shitty system

  4. you have to pay a differnt amount based on where you want go? What!? Thank god the MTA doesn't do that because this look so confusing to do.

  5. Hey there, love your video. I was wondering if I could use a portion of it for one of mine, of course I will give you credit. Thanks so much.

  6. ill be coming from the UK to SFO in 2 weeks. what stop do i get off to get to Hotel Whitcomb?

  7. Now I can go to SFO, very helpful. Thank you.

  8. oh wow thanks for this amazing video! havent tried riding a bart ever. lol thanks for sharing

  9. I have a clipper card it's so much better than just buying a ticket

  10. when I first moved to the bay area the whole subtract/add thing on the ticket machine confused me :/

  11. Or press B to subtract $1

  12. Whew, that was painless. I can do it. haha

  13. Yes…! You can also check out getting a clipper card…

  14. to save time i want to put $50 on a bart ticket. can i do that?

  15. Thanks for posting this. Seems simple enough; a video is worth a thousand words 🙂

  16. you mention discount tickets…. like senior tickets … but no where do you say how or where to buy them. you show how to buy a regular BART ticket in a BART station machine but never mention the discount tickets. If you Google senior BART tickets it leads u to believe that you can get then at Lucky Markets. Not So !!

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