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How to pass Air Canada’s carry-on bag test

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9 thoughts on “How to pass Air Canada’s carry-on bag test

  1. Honestly watching this made me laugh and feel sorry for people who have no clue of baggage rules. Every time I fly with a different airline I haven't flown before I check their requirements for a baggage and make sure my luggage meets those requirements. (Don't really need to do that often cause I usually fly with Air Canada cause I live in Toronto).

  2. wait but checked baggage can be larger right

  3. I know this suggestion is a couple of years late but don't you think that it might have been helpful to travelers to have mentioned the actual weight and size restrictions imposed by Air Canada on carry-on luggage?

  4. What are the actual dimensions?

  5. Just a money racket,checking bags is big bucks

  6. It's about time somebody started enforcing carry-on size limits. I'm tired of people with huge bags holding everything up trying to stuff them into the overheads.

  7. Why not make wheels on suitcases retractable-when not in use?

  8. I think I am flying air canda when I go to Emonton I am not happy I hate wir canda

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