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How to Order from Taobao Yourself

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15 thoughts on “How to Order from Taobao Yourself

  1. will they ship to germany

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    I would recommend this agent website, it has Chinese and English for language options, reasonable shipping fee. I currently live in Canada and it usually takes 2-3 weeks to deliver.

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  7. Hey, my friend is going to China (Guangzhou) in a few months. I was wondering if there were separate payments (pay for extra shipping essentially) even if there is free shipping in the listing? Or would it be kinda like eBay/most places where they just individually ship without going to some factory to bundle up all packages (as it would in international Taobao buying). Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi… can you tell me if Taobao is better than Aliexpress?

  9. I wanna buy but im frm usa

  10. hy
    how do i see , what i did ordered on taobao

  11. Hello
    you bought on taobao but you pay by card right ?
    but you pay by money china or you pay money your country ??

  12. TZ taobao agent help you order ,Don`t need to transfer the money first ,Paid by Paypal or Aliexpress ,Safest payment ,
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  13. Im trying to buy a product but it has an error message on the product page… What does it mean? " 根据所在国法律法规或平台政策,此项商品限制下单购买。"

    When translated it says " according to local laws and regulations or policy platform, under this limit orders to buy goods." so how can I order this item to the USA?

  14. You suck at explaining (Mumbling throught the whole video)

  15. Can you order from taobao if you stay in USA?

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