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How to make diy photo booth kiosk from aluminum channel and tube

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18 thoughts on “How to make diy photo booth kiosk from aluminum channel and tube

  1. Curious how you threaded the box tubes?

  2. Thanks for video mate!
    Great job!

  3. Can I put any tablel in it?

  4. Show us the finished product please. What stand will it be mounted to?

  5. is the a specification list with the item named on the video and or CAD specs PLEASE!

  6. Where do you buy those polycarbonate sheets from? Or what kind are they?

  7. This is absolutely genius and perfect. I need one.

  8. how can i order?

  9. what's the model of the light your using

  10. So this one isn't available any longer? I have a camera, monolight and tablet already.

  11. ok can you perhaps email me a quote for an enclosure with this components? Thanks

  12. Can you make different custom size for a 24" all in one pc and brava21 printer?

  13. Do you sell it already ready to use. And if you do can I but it from ebay or amazon?

  14. Is it available to fit Samsung Series 7 slate (Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US 11.6-Inch Slate) and a canon 60D camera?
    Also it is possible to fix an external umbrella and light on top?

  15. Where would someone get the aluminum channel used for the sides? It looks like it's about 6 inches wide.

  16. What size is are the square polycarbonate?

  17. Hi, I'm interested in one of this. Also what kind of computer was used?

  18. whats software do i need it?

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