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How to make a food cart

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12 thoughts on “How to make a food cart

  1. wow amazing cart man!!! me and my cousin were going to try to make one for a local barbecue joint and I would very much appreciate any suggestions you could offer

  2. hi, just wanted to say what an amazing video wow man this inspired me, really. i'm thinking about building my own cart actually and was hoping you had any advice on constructing the cart with materials, however, very limited tools or equipment. any help?

  3. Hey can you me a call, i wanna pick your brain. ive got the base finished 11 x 13 food cart. just needing to know how to run it for prapane and power now. 9712276464

  4. Great video! Thanks for sharing! I would like some additional information. Please email any additional information that you think would be useful.

  5. i just purchased a lunch concession truck (roach coach) and i wanted to convert a natural gas grill to propane with a couple of burners to the back compartment of it could you email me and possibly send your number?

  6. How Can I get the Blue Prints to this awesome build

  7. so i bought a 48 × 96 harbor freight fold up trailer my question is how sturdy are those trailers i want to build a stand in hotdog cart thanks

  8. griller next to freezer? lekker man …lekker

  9. very interested I have the same size trailer I could convert into this could you give me some pointers I never built any like this before email me please sir at

  10. Very nice setup. Do you have any updates on this cart? This video was made in 2014 and I'm guessing many people would love to see how it has been performing so far.

  11. So with this setup do you still have to have a commissary? I have a shaved ice cart that needs to be upgraded but according to my health dept in TN I have to have a commissary and that commissary has to have a covered area to store and service the cart which has basically put me out of business before I could even get started.

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