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How to Make a DSLR + iPad Photo Booth

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13 thoughts on “How to Make a DSLR + iPad Photo Booth

  1. Very Nice!

  2. Thank you

  3. Great video. How did you attach the camera to the shelf using the tripod mount? Didn't show in the video.

  4. Hello . I want to ask you if you can make one for me and buy it from you I am from Saudi Arabia

  5. Very good work. Can you write all the wooden box measurements

  6. Good morning can I buy one off you I'm using an iPad mini 4

  7. how much do you sell these for?

  8. How did you Use the DSLR camera with the Ipad?
    I see a lot of apps, but not how to connect the dslr to an ipad.

  9. I really liked the box and the details. One thing though, lately most boxes have the ability to have the camera tilt for taller or shorter people. A setup for a printer would also be helpful to take this to an event.

  10. Hey!
    Thank you for sharing! I wonder if the images are saved on the iPad or just displayed?
    Because I search for a solution to just show them for a few seconds on the screen. If anyone has an idea, i would be very thankful if shared 😉

  11. In my company we have reality photobooth i like thankyou

  12. Photo booth looks great but have a few questions what software or app do you use? and say you want to print the photos in the photo booth how would you imply that?

  13. What did you used to cut out the area for the screen to show. Excluding the area that you routed out.

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