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How to install touch screen kit overlay on a LCD monitor

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18 thoughts on “How to install touch screen kit overlay on a LCD monitor

  1. Real question is, does it work with a stylus? And will it have pressure sensitivity?

  2. How to extend the screen of an IBM 4840-563

  3. What if the aspect ratio of the frame don't match the lcd monitor you want to use it for, what will be the side effects?

  4. hola cuanto cuesta el dipositivo? gracias

  5. What programs

  6. Salve cosa ha usato per incollare il vetro touch sul monitor? ?

  7. Does the touch screen software work with linux?

  8. What monitor did you use in the demo?

  9. What do you call the controller board? Is it the computer's motherboard or is it the control board of the screen that is itself connected to the computer's motherboard?

  10. Wowed !!

  11. What kind of material was used ? capacitive or inductive touch material, this panel which was used

  12. what bout right click

  13. what screen did you put in the monitor??

  14. Yes, CycloTouch touch overlays can be purchased and shipped worldwide – just Google CycloTouch to find the website and see the range of products.

  15. How long did it took you to install it?

  16. а как в сталкера играть?

  17. can i buy it at mexico?

  18. 2.4.6point touch are available,you can contact me.

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