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How to Install Chromium OS on Raspberry Pi 3

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19 thoughts on “How to Install Chromium OS on Raspberry Pi 3

  1. Hi very interesting subject would it work on my Windows RT tablet?

  2. How do I also boot into the Recovery Environment? I'm using Flint OS but it's pretty much the same. Though I'm using a Windows keyboard. So the (esc + reload POWER). I don't have the power key!

  3. If you forget to use sudo like you did when setting the date you don't need to retype the whole command, just use 'sudo !!'
    the 2 exclamations are a shortcut to the last command that was run.

  4. I have a problem: ThePi won't boot. I flashed the image I got from Sourceforge because the website is down. Using win32DiskImager. When I insert the microSD Card into the Pi and power it on, the ACT LED (green) blinks twice and turns off. The PWR LED (red) is lit (obvoiusly because it has power) but the screen stays blank. Is the image file corrupted? Twice I used win32DiskImager then the last time I used "Fedora Remix Installer".


  5. How can I install Adobe Muse on my Raspberry pi 3B

  6. One year later, here I am.

  7. you get an auto thumbs up from me for the next week on any video i watch of yours just because you watercooled a raspberry pi….

  8. Hello, my friend Video more than wonderful
    I had a problem I want you to help me solve because you have posted a video on the subject by which he omitted to carry Chromium chrome ☺ ♥••
    Gate of most settings, and worked sign into Chromium I have for not complete registration necessary assistance and I hope Thank you!

  9. what was the background music?

  10. Don Hui, syka blyat =D Video is awesome, will install chromium as soon as i get home))) Spasibo;)

  11. That music! My ears!

  12. Hello, I download the image and expanded the same on 32GB micro SD card with win32 diskimager, but my Pi B+ doesn't boot at all. Please advise

  13. hi @novaspirit tech
    can i use Chromium OS to cast it on chromecast via WiFi?

  14. i am the 1000 th person to like!!

  15. I didn't get a sense of how fast it booted up. Have you timed it? It didn't seem to be quick. I am looking for a fast boot up OS.

  16. 3:32 where did he get the command prompt????????????

  17. thanks for the detailed video.. which latest version of chrome os is available for rpi3

  18. Here are the best deal.

  19. Uhhh…Chromium comes preloaded on debian jessie pixel….now.

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