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How to Hack TSA & Passport Control: GLOBAL ENTRY — Travel Tip

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19 thoughts on “How to Hack TSA & Passport Control: GLOBAL ENTRY — Travel Tip

  1. I just got Global Entry at Lax- check out my vid on my channel!

  2. Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for Global Entry. Why? Read the T&C…. sorry, it's not good for most of us

  3. The worst experience for me traveling was when I returned back to the US, I just landed from an Asian excursion and at passport control the guy treated me as if I was a criminal asking me borderline personal questions

  4. I did the online application and paid the $100 a week ago. It just got conditionally approved today, and I easily managed to get an interview for tomorrow afternoon. Not sure why Rachel says it has to be scheduled months ahead of time. Maybe it has something to do with which airport the interview is at?

  5. I am sure the TSA did not want to give Rachel authorization to by pass any area that would allow them to feel her up lol. Let me congratulate you for winning the genetic lottery, you're beautiful.

  6. Are yo hitting on mE?

  7. Just got my global entry this month!!! So excited to use it 🙂 

  8. Hey It's Elizabeth "The Kitchen Vixen" from Marki's Class. You guys are awesome. I LOVE your videos, the editing & the energy behind it all!!! KEEP UP the WONDERFUL WORK!!!!!! 🙂

  9. U mispelled that link. Its not

  10. a tip I want is how to afford so many trips

  11. Global Entry is in the U.S. Government's "Trusted Traveler" program. It takes six weeks from start to finish to enroll.  It is absolutely amazing to experience.  People complain way to much about "The Government". This is one time when it scores a 10 !  Your  Trusted Traveler number on your Global Entry card can be added to your frequent flier program accounts to qualify for TSA Pre-Check.  Have a good flight!

  12. Here is a travel tip, you can use the Global Entry card to renter the US at a land or sea border port of entry.

  13. How tall are you

  14. Hopefully Global Entry works out better than ClearPass . ClearPass was rendered useless by TSA within months of paying $250 to no avail.  Hint: Pay nothing and still get "TSA Precheck" if you are a frequent flier.  Since TSA  PreCheck took off in March I have not had to go through screening (domestic travel only) for 4 months. I'm dubious about those club programs that get their wings clipped at the expense of the traveler.

  15. You girls are SO beautiful.
    Jesus! I can barely understand to what you guys are saying… haha JK
    Big fan here! I Love traveling!
    And with those advices, tips or reviews always make me want to keep traveling…

  16. got mine with amex platinum charge card $100 rebate – worth looking into for other benefits as well for anyone that travels, esp frequently, and esp out of anywhere that has a centurion lounge (like dfw)

  17. Gotta love Andrea's "handy" work

  18. The severed thumb on the card on the thumbnail will give me nightmares. Other than that – thanks for explaining this. I've always meant to do it.

  19. That laugh at the end is so contagious lol

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