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How to Create an Adobe Flash Web Site

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17 thoughts on “How to Create an Adobe Flash Web Site

  1. nice video

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  2. when i put gotoAndStop it simply goes (of course) and stops making me not able to press anything!

  3. how do i make a page that contains image gallery? with a next and previous button exclusive to this page only

  4. after making this page how i can share it in my website ?
    its my firts time

  5. Thank you! I look forward to any videos you have. Thanks for keeping it easy.

  6. Awesome video man!
    Thank You so much
    That was really helpful

  7. anyone else notice that this tutorial was actually make by gigafide/tinkernut?

  8. Hi i have a problem, when i use the step 5… I rename my button ''button1'' and when i want to go windows – compoment inspector for change the label, i cant, because in the parameters, one message say me edit a compoment instance parameters in the property inspector. WHY ??? Please help i want learn this program. Please help

  9. Perfect tutorial. Worked like a dream for me.

    Used Creative Cloud.

  10. how to change button font size?

  11. the components inspector is gone

  12. This is so well made, thank you. I got the basics of this… dont know why people still create flash websites though. I prefer an angular bootstrap site.

  13. Great video it is my first time using flash cs4. I was able to successfully create my site, it is a test site but it works, thank you.

  14. Good. will help me get started. Thanks.

  15. it won't let me select components 

  16. the bittons are non stop flashing

  17. LOL It look non stop although I added the stop();

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