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How To Buy sell Bitcoin The Safe And Easy Way Trade

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3 thoughts on “How To Buy sell Bitcoin The Safe And Easy Way Trade

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  2. Thanks guys! Very new to all of this, and I REALLY appreciate the plain language used. I'm not a "mom and pop" but pretty close knowledge-wise, and am doing a TON of research right now because I'm a big believer in the technology and want to get in early. Anyway, I have a question! If you want to buy and sell altcoins in a matter of, say 5 minutes, how would you store them? I don't have a ton of money, but would like to trade in and out a little and take advantage of some of the volatility. I'm sure paper wallets aren't a good choice – but I'm not sure how fast bread or copay are, and don't want to spend a lot in fees finding out. LOL Or are exchange wallets like coinbase safe for smaller investors like me?

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