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How To Buy Bitcoin: The Safe And Easy Way

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12 thoughts on “How To Buy Bitcoin: The Safe And Easy Way

  1. If you have multiple wallets can you move your coins from one to the other with no fees or hassle?

  2. Would be great if you also listed all the suggestions for options you go over, e.g the different types of wallets you suggest

  3. 1 minute in, still didn't tell me anything, downtjumbed

  4. Hmmm, so you have to buy bitcoin with cash, trust strangers, and give them your money? Why would they want your cash if bitcoin is so great? It's supposed to be valued so much higher than cash so why would you give up your bitcoin? Hey, if I get scammed with my Visa or bank at least they're covering me if I get ripped off.

  5. I only understood about half of what they said and understood very little. This video was a waste of time!

  6. Do you use the same wallet over and over again, or do you open a new wallet everytime you buy a crypto? BTC or any other Crypto?

  7. Love the videos. I'm curious if anyone knows why I cannot get funds or coins to transfer out of my coinbase wallet to my jaxx wallet. I have tried it twice now gone all the way through the process through confirmation. Then after it confirms nothing seems to happen no confirmation email I just click confirm one asks me the computer thinks for a minute and then it's over. I have only attempted to do this so far from my S8 plus on the coinbase app .

  8. Get rid of the fat guy, take off your shirt and flex… would have been more interesting.

  9. QuadrigaCX are a joke. They lost $12 million due to massive incompetence and their customer service is absolutely woeful. Do not deposit there.

  10. some one tell this boy to face the camera for fucks sake i see Ameer giving body signs too like bro you in love with me? talk to the audience!

  11. Fat mother fucker wasted all the time fucker!

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