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How to Build a High Quality Food Trailer – Starting a Street Food Business

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18 thoughts on “How to Build a High Quality Food Trailer – Starting a Street Food Business

  1. Go to woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

  2. How did you mount the stainless steel splashback in the van?


  4. how much does it cost? with everything in it?

  5. just love it….nice work. the way if anyone would like or intersted to make some partnership w me please feel free to call me at 917-284-5336 so we can get a food trailer
    Alberto Parra facebook
    I have been working in the food industry 15 years and I live in Brooklyn New York…
    looking forward……
    ps..we can make any type food…….

  6. how much it cost?

  7. price please $$$

  8. how much total cost to make? thanks for the video!

  9. Hi guys what kind of glue it has to use to glue stainless sheets? and also it has screws on the walls and floor ? thanks for answer

  10. I have a 7' W and 7' tall 18'1" long cargo trailer  is that a good size to make into a food trailer? thanks

  11. shit crappy music

  12. Good looking work ! 

  13. Ok, How much and what sides is this one?

  14. Been searching for one entire year unil this perfect set up and with a vertical meat spit. Where are you guys located?.

  15. Did you build your own suppression system?


    thank you 🙂

  17. What was the total cost of everything. Equipment plus instalation

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