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How to build a 150sqm exhibition stand in under 15 hours

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19 thoughts on “How to build a 150sqm exhibition stand in under 15 hours

  1. Great achievement! Well done team!!

  2. That was awesome!

  3. Fantastic Team, great job…..

  4. that was brilliant guys!! 🙂

  5. excellent video. great work .keep it up..

  6. Good job! But what kind of wood did you use to build it?

  7. Good job! Nice to see some known faces on the video!!

  8. Wow,so wonderful, my company hawk display should learn from you.^-^

  9. excellent video..keep it up.

  10. . . so fast. Great Job!!

  11. @ammadxx1: Thanks for your comment. We are an exhibition company. Please see our website for more information on what we do.

  12. I didn't know it was POSSIBLE to build it that fast… nice

  13. Your accent is awesome, ahaha. What nationality are you and great skills you have there! Seems like you had a great team to work with also.

  14. Woaw! i didn't know, that you actually could build it that fast! Nice:-)

  15. hey Great video! i hope you get more views becasue you really deserve them.

  16. thanks you for your help! your reaaaaaaaally talented!!!

  17. OH MY GOSH idk how u did this in 15 hours you know you only got 12 hours of daylight you digg me like this is awsome

  18. What company are you from again? Or is this just a private video?

  19. you make such great time lapse videos i love it keep it up

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