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How It Works: ecoATM

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19 thoughts on “How It Works: ecoATM

  1. if i sell a a complete broken phone will they see my info in the phone

  2. every time I try to stick my broken(but still somewhat works) LG G Pad X 10.1' into it, it always says "It seems there is more than 1 item in my compartment DERRRRP!" over and over. does anybody know why that is? it's useless to me, I dropped it amd cracked the screen but it still works. just certain buttons on the left side of the screen where it cracked wont work. regardless, does anybody know if it just wont take any kind of tablet bigger than 8 inches or what? it wont give me any kind of explanation why it wont other than it thinking there's "too many items" in the compartment. I don't even give much of a shite if it only offers me 15-20 bucks, I have no use for it and could always use the extra money. but the damn things taking up space and I want to get rid of it. was just curious if anyone knew if it would take pads over 8 inches……..

  3. This sounds stupid considering people could potentially plug USB killers into these machines and completely fry them.

  4. this thing suvks ass. offered me $90 for a fucking iPhone 6 plus. who tf do you guys think you are

  5. i found these Galaxy S5 when i was on the Bus it has a password can it work in the ecoATM??

  6. I am an international student at USA from Nepal. I don't have a greencard or driving license. Will I be able to sell my mobile phone?

  7. mine didn't need a thumb print

  8. Sounded good up until the thumb print. Should be another way to provide a signature. You already have the person's drivers license. This is too much just to sell your tablet.

  9. not sellin my perfectly good Galaxy S5 for $10-$45……yall smokin dick

  10. went to the machine, got an offer for 30$ nd on the final step they were checking my ID but it was expired so it didnt work. then went to craigslist nd sold it for 80$ the day after…. so i would tell u to try craigslist at first.

  11. Hahahaha you scan and take thumb prints??? You bastards!!!!! I was almost gonna go this!!

  12. i saw this machine at walmart and thought it would be a great place to sell my old phones… ID+finger print all for a few dollars?

  13. i got offered a 4.50 for a 1 week old HTC One M8. I only used it for my son who got a better phone a week later and nexus 4 and 5 like new i got offered… know what u watse ur time if u wHat U GUYS SUK!

  14. I love the concept but you just know thugs and drug attics are thinking of mugging, killing people with phones for the money.

  15. +Tamara Lacy, we’re sorry to hear you say that. We're a bit different from other buy back channels – the machines determine by looking at three things: 

    1) Model 
    2) Condition 
    3) Current market value 

    We’re pretty competitive with other buy-back channels. We also provide instant cash on the spot – no waiting for a check in the mail, no haggling, and no doubt that your device will be recycled responsibly. Thank you for thinking of recycling with us, and please let us know if you have any other questions by emailing Customer Service at

  16. I tell you how much you will get.  $ 1.00, that's right you get one dollar and for any accessories you will get one dollar. this machine is total bullshit.

  17. EcoATM: How it works

  18. I'll stick with craigslist or offerup

  19. I wonder how much it will give someone for an iPhone 6 plus 128gb brand new? My guess is $260 which will be a complete rip off.

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