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Hot Dog and Crepes bicycle ( Business Idea )

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11 thoughts on “Hot Dog and Crepes bicycle ( Business Idea )

  1. what kind of song is this? kind of upbeat and fun. sounds like French maybe

  2. buenos días quisiera saber , cuanto es el precio del hot dog bicycle ,y cual es el tiempo de entrega

  3. does it run on Propane to cook?

  4. keren, sangat simpel untuk memudahkan berjualan.

  5. Again music. I need advice. I hate it!

  6. do you deliver to north america?

  7. produce cineva in romania asa ceva?

  8. How does it work? I mean it's electric or gas?

  9. tumach money for this bike ?!!?!?!?

  10. Go vegan! It's about time we wake up. He could be selling cruelty free green smoothies.

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