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Hacking an internet kiosk

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7 thoughts on “Hacking an internet kiosk

  1. wow. solid hack…

  2. Yes. While on holiday in austraila, I found some "Pie link" internet kiosks, they used to run a modified version of mac os 9(or be-os) before switching to embedded linux, but the later linux install was easy to hack. Once my cone time's almost up, I right click on the desktop, found a link to restart the window manager which applied title bars to all the Pie link hidden time control apps, then I simply closed those, and got free internet!

  3. That's the windows xp luna theme for the sitekiosk window manager which replaces windows explorer with sitekiosk

  4. …then click "Navigation Toolbar", now you have an address window and a google search box, type in address in google you want, then enter and select the "Cached" version of the page your wanting, ie: google's Cache of the page, it will try to open but freeze, then click on the link to the right of the page "Text-only version" and your page will load… sure its limited to reading new pages and blogs, but u can also access youtube pages (as they are owned by google so partially

  5. ive hacked an iac (internet access company) kiosk running ubuntu 8.04… its pretty straight forward to get into ubuntu by various methods 🙂 these are used in backpackers, information centers all over the country and use a userid, coin or loaded card access. Its easy enough to access google and read the text from any page by opening the "Free – IAC location map & support" page on the home screen, this opens up a "limited version" of firefox. Then you goto the "view" menu, then "toolbars"…

  6. @lobstaish ahh linguistics linguistics… they are regional ya know..

  7. did you try playing any videos while you were on YouTube?

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