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Governor McCrory Speaks at Huntersville DMV Grand Opening

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2 thoughts on “Governor McCrory Speaks at Huntersville DMV Grand Opening

  1. The citizens of NC have sent this Governor a plea to end this whole mess!  The cost of a registration and inspections in NC is around $60.  A check engine light will cost an average of another $465 in this state.  We already have our car's ownership on record, why do we have to pay every year to update it?  It's people like McCrory, a Republican who promised to make this a better state to live end that causes this problem.  Thanks McCroy, for allowing us to spend less time in line to pay your taxes!  We need a third party……..

  2. Is it true that the NC DMV no longer requires new residents with a license from another state to take the written test when obtaining a NC license? 

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