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Google Slides – Tutorial 04 – Creating an Interactive Presentation

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14 thoughts on “Google Slides – Tutorial 04 – Creating an Interactive Presentation

  1. This is pretty clever, thank you!

  2. volume too low

  3. very good. now i know how to use google slides. thanks for your time.

  4. Thanks!

  5. Love the video and will put it up on our site

  6. This video was really helpful, thank you so much!

  7. very hard to hear

  8. really cool. why hasn't the linear understanding of a powerpoint/keynote been freed until now!?

    thnx for the tip

  9. I've successfully imported a PowerPoint slideshow (with vocal tracks) into Google Slides, but the vocal tracks aren't working. They're showing up, but not working. Is there a way to get the vocal tracks to work?

  10. can someone tell me how to add pie chart in Google slides?

  11. Is there anyway for a youtube video to play automatically when the slide comes up?

  12. Thanks so much this really helped me 🙂

  13. can't hear you

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