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Google Play Newsstand

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18 thoughts on “Google Play Newsstand

  1. I'm I doing something wrong because I can only fin articles on newsstand and not full magazines!! I have a PC Gamer subscription but the magazine is nowhere to be found in the app! Help please

  2. Rialmadrid

  3. Super je

  4. Muito bom!!!

  5. It is amazing

  6. لماذا لم يكن باللغه العربية

  7. خیلی سرعت اینترنت پایین است ساعتهاطول کشیدتابه لحظه دانلودرسید.بایدبعدنصب کارایی روبسنجم چون امکان داراصلالودنشه

  8. What is the name of the background song???

  9. Any Chance Google Play Newsstand is Coming to Chromebook Soon?

    Gosh, Newsstand and Google+ would be the only two tabs I would have pinned…

    #PlayNewsstand   #Chromebook   #ChromeOS  

  10. عالی بود.

  11. stop making it system app. 

  12. This might be a stupid question but how do I make the widget to only show a specific newspaper? Would really appreciate some answers ☺

  13. Is it Nina' s voice? I'm not sure but very matching and Vampire dairy is showed by her.

  14. Join newsstand on googleplus feed!

  15. Dear Google Play team…

    Please don't assume that because my location is Germany that I want German content. For the Newsstand Kiosk to be effective, there really needs to be an option that allows users to decide in which language premium content is available.

    This feature request extends to Google Play Movies too; not being able to rent movies in English just because I live in Germany is ridiculous.

    #featurerequest #newsstand #languages #expats #ns

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