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Gamestop dumpster find: Finally EPIC FINDS!!, KIOSK SCORE!, Games, #21

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  1. Kiosk

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18 thoughts on “Gamestop dumpster find: Finally EPIC FINDS!!, KIOSK SCORE!, Games, #21

  1. My brother in law works for a company who does their shelf mods, he brought me a turtle beach headphone display took it apart and hot the 10 inch Asus tablet out of it.

  2. Would like to buy a pokemon timeline Poster, do you still have one?! Would be awesome!

  3. Im very interested into buying that Kiosk from you.. Would you be willing to sell it

  4. Hi! Do you have any ps3 slim box, please?

  5. This is the start of hoarding

  6. I recently lost my pokemon time line poster, do you by chance have any left even though this was over a year ago? +KamaiKaze FTW 

  7. lolol i work for gamestop i get all this stuff for free bro

  8. I wanna try dumpster diving 

  9. Check out the Destiny "promotional display only" cases we found in a GameStop dumpster! Don't forget to subscribe too!

  10. Can I plz have the trittons

  11. Hey what about tge posters privite messge me or whatever if we can we can work out a deal

  12. What is the purpose of dumpster diving?

  13. The kid under me put his adress on the Internet… For his sake. Delete his comment lol

  14. Hi I love halo 3 can you send it to me my address is 5619 west townley avenue in Arizona.

  15. chow much for a ghost cube

  16. what's the point in having a kiosk?

  17. some years ago i was exploring the stuff around me, i found a xbox kiosk there…. but i didnt do anything with it. i just left it and moved on lol

  18. Do you sell your things on ebay? You could make some money off some of the things that you find

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