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Form 1 (SBR) Easy Way: Silencer Shop

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12 thoughts on “Form 1 (SBR) Easy Way: Silencer Shop

  1. Hardest part of doing this is taking the selfie. If you're male and any other part is more difficult, you should just give up your man card, homo.

  2. Damn….. I Sooooo Wish I lived in one of the "FREE STATES" of America!!! I FKN HATE COMMIEFORNIA!!!!!!!

  3. Call me naive but how does this process work in relation to actually buying a SBR in IL? Fill out the information via the service then purchase the rifle or?

  4. rather just brace it

  5. I was going to submit my two SBRs this week using paper and I chose to use their system. My reason was to support them as a company and fund their efforts into making the process easier for everyone.

    I spent a total of 5 minutes carefully entering my data and clicked submit for both forms. This system rocks and I hope more use it.

  6. 300 BLK is not a caliber. It's a .308 caliber.

    I got my form 1 denied for that reason!!

  7. How would this be used to convert say a custom AR pistol you want converted to an SBR? The receiver used is an Anderson so would I need to list them as the manufacturer or since I built it from a hodgepodge of various parts I ordered I would have to have my information engraved on it?

  8. thats fantastic – I have done form 1 before 41F. But it aint "a couple of months :))

  9. Do they let you know when you get approved. In email

  10. filling out the paper form isn't difficult however once you factor in the cost of finger prints $16 for me and passport photos $12 plus travel time to go to 2 different places its a no brainer to use this service.

  11. I wonder what the current wait time is.

  12. I would assume that you still have to have your receiver engraved right?

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