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Food Concessions Booth Vendors #1 Mistake!!!

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2 thoughts on “Food Concessions Booth Vendors #1 Mistake!!!

  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm having an issue getting my Italian Ice cart inspected in Texas. Due to the lack of knowledge of the product they're treating my dipping freezer like a pushcart, like having an attached sink mounted to the freezer etc. Can you provide any advise? I suggested buying a van similar to the one you have but the health department stated that I would only be allowed to sell prepackaged items , If I dip then it has to pass inspection yet they're unclear on the legalities because this would actually be first cart inspected in my city so I refuse to give up, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. I had to scale my business way down due to my illness but you will see me in action! Send me a video or pic of your operation I want to share it on my blog

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