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Flying to Miami: Check-in and Boarding at Frankfurt Airport (Terminal 1)

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20 thoughts on “Flying to Miami: Check-in and Boarding at Frankfurt Airport (Terminal 1)

  1. Wow,just to get in your "seat" requires the time and sooooooooo many things! Very confusing to say the least!

  2. I'm going on a plane for the first time (alone!) in september, being autistic and afraid of heights, these videos of yours help me so much to calm down and see what it's really like and help me prapare!
    Thank you SO much!

  3. I might sound dumb when I ask this, but i'm flying for the first time soon, & im coming from Detroit Michigan to Fort Myers Florida. Do I need a passport or is that only for going to a different country?

  4. You even keep replying comments? How did you do that>

  5. very useful, thanks

  6. How was the us border protection?

  7. How do you know there were 525 passengers?

  8. nice job u have

  9. Thank you this was really helpful I've been looking for helpful flights because I'll be flying for my first time and I couldn't find a good video

  10. cool video and I love your voice.

  11. nice vblog 🙂

  12. I am living in Frankfurt and I will go to Athens,Greece next month. I can speak german, but this tutorial helped me even more. Thanks!!!!

  13. nice vlog 🙂

  14. Zed..who is Zed? Zed is dead..Pulp Fiction reference…10 hour flight yikes

  15. Hey
    I'm traveling from Toronto to Frankfurt and from there to Stockholm
    It's my first time traveling alone and it's also a transit flight . Do you have any tips or advice and what are the points I will be going through?

  16. Nice video! I'm flying to Miami in August, so I found this video very helpful! You earned a new subscriber!

  17. +MuchoHop OMG!! Thank you soo much for posting this! This has reaaalllyy helped me a lot as far as what to expect on my flight to Germany this Aug! Im flying from DC to Frankfurt, and i have never flown before or been out of the country, and im going by myself to visit family in Germany. I always hear about how HUGE Frankfurt airport really is, so much so that it was like overwhelming, but from this video it looks you didnt have much trouble finding your way! So thanks again! I kinda know what to expect! I wish you the best on all your future travels! 🙂

  18. Nice video i love flying on planes! You got a new subscriber. I also have a question how are you so confident filming with people around you? Is it not weird? Plz reply 🙂

  19. Nice video

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