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flipbooks photo booth software user interface photobooth features

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9 thoughts on “flipbooks photo booth software user interface photobooth features

  1. it records at 4 f/s at best…the prints are blury whent you move your hands especially

  2. what kind of paper do you use?

  3. I downloaded the software.  Is there anyway to get it to work with a webcam?  Why use an SLR camera for such a small image.  A webcam should do the job just fine.  Not sure why the software didn't take webcam's into account.

  4. Can you do a snapshot of where the cover woud be saved?

  5. it needs a powerfull pc and also a newish camera , call me if you want help 704-726-9788

  6. I downloaded the trial version of the Breeze Flipbook software (4.1 version). It is driving me nuts though because the capture screen doesn't work. Which version are you using. I so want this software to function properly. Luckily, I came across your help video on Youtube, but no ones seems to have the problem I'm having. 🙁

  7. what type of printer did you use?

  8. To download the software, google breezesys

  9. Where can i download flipbooks photobooth software?

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