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Fast-food revolution: Self-serve McDonald’s kiosks in Ottawa

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8 thoughts on “Fast-food revolution: Self-serve McDonald’s kiosks in Ottawa

  1. Too bad the machine can't somehow cook your food too. I don't trust the hygiene at most of these places so I don't eat out.

  2. there goes those $15/hour jobs

  3. Can't say I blame McDonald's for advancing this when they are looking at the possibility of paying a $15 minimum wage.

  4. I'd much rather order my breakfast meal at the counter in the traditional way. Why should I use a self-serve kiosk? Totally crazy, and just a gimmick.

  5. omg lol "The future" this sort of self serve digital order gas been in major metropolitan cities in Asia and some in Europe lol smh but if it's brought to N. America, all of a sudden it's a new big thing unimaginable from the future lol

  6. I saw MLP XD

  7. I hope I won't have to tip

  8. they had these in edmonton for over a year, besides theres nothing revolutionary about it. and that is one of the worst mcdonalds ive ever been to in my life lmao

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