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Fallout: NV – Gun Runners’ Arsenal – Unique Weapons Guide (DLC)

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14 thoughts on “Fallout: NV – Gun Runners’ Arsenal – Unique Weapons Guide (DLC)

  1. The Katana is not unique. It's true, look!
    Saying it was 'missed' is a surprisingly regular comment; you don't have to…really!

  2. My favorite weapon is that gun even though it has a normal variant

  3. Interestingly 12.7 mm it's 50 caliber

  4. What about the katanna

  5. sleepy time cannot be modded(▰˘︹˘▰)

  6. 20k caps won't be enough(▰˘︹˘▰)

  7. Esther looks like the famous World War II german PanzerShred

  8. I may not have this but this is entertaining

  9. I killed the vangraffs but the items won't show up in the Vendortron. I've reloaded and waited in game too.

  10. I killed the van graffs. Can u still get the cleansing flame?

  11. And here I thought this was limited to the Actual Vendotron.

  12. it's a lie I wahanted energy wepons but killed vangrafs and special energy weapons are not ther

  13. hehe, i use Gold Bars from Dead Money to get all these weapons >:)

  14. you missed the katana, sold by chet in goodsprings.

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