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EPSON Print Layout 1.3.3 Photo Printing Software Basic Demo

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3 thoughts on “EPSON Print Layout 1.3.3 Photo Printing Software Basic Demo

  1. I tried it and liked it a lot. However i think the earlier version didnt allow you to set the width or platen gap – a problem if you use heavier papers. Looks like that omission is now fixed – i'll try it again. Very easy to use and full ABW support for black and whites also.

  2. Hi Jose,
    I'm just starting with home printing and after watching your videos, you help me a lot in my decision , I have an Epson P600 now. I try to use Epson Print Layout but when I load a picture, the software change the brightness of the image automatically. Is just like when you turn paper simulation On/Off in LR SoftProofing. I have Win10 on my PC. I don't see in your demonstration the same behaviour of the software.
    Thanks very much for all the info that you provide!

  3. Click Browse and then drag photos to the filmstrip below to setup image layouts for each before printing a batch. FYI Mac OS has version 1.3.4

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