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Epson Disc Producer PP100 II kiosk mode

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3 thoughts on “Epson Disc Producer PP100 II kiosk mode

  1. It's designed to fail.
    It has planned obsolescence. Once it reaches 35,000 copies, it deliberately stops working.
    To get it working again, you have to ship it back to Epson. (Local repair centers won't touch it.)
    Epson won't give you a repair quote until they receive it.
    I shipped mine via UPS and it was dropped.
    Epson blamed UPS for damaging it and quoted $1,400 to repair it.
    I got $1,400 back from UPS (insurance). I decided to keep the money and put it toward a Primera.

  2. $$$$???????

  3. Lennox I hope you can help me out

    with the pp100 will i be able to print fullface?

    Can i send different designs and leave it working during night?


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