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DVD Now Kiosks, the Leader in the Automated DVD Rental Market

If you want a dvd kiosk like the one above, work with Metroclick at
The Best Kiosk Rentals | Interactive Rental Kiosk Solutions – Metroclick

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7 thoughts on “DVD Now Kiosks, the Leader in the Automated DVD Rental Market

  1. I have been with the company since 2005! Still going strong. I agree, research your business opportunity first… I have a very good relationship with this company. I don't have time to dedicate to this business every waking minute of the day so it works out perfectly. Great residual income and great tax write offs…

  2. everybody has that code they give you this code the first time you enter your email address. the downfall is you have to give them a differant credit card each time. Heres another trick if you can get one at midnight you don't have to return it until 9 the next day so you have it 45 hours midnight thru midnight midnight thru 9

  3. $20k is alot of money maybe this a scam .

  4. Brandi looked hott.
    Thats why im here.

  5. Really 20,000 for a Kiosk? What about location, and the variety and quantity of movies available, electricity, rent, because you have to pay for a good location with the best food traffic and that is not going to be cheap. Otherwise look at Red Box and who they aligned with? And the real question what is the average profit in a daily basis for one kiosk? And you have to discount taxes, and other misc expenses. In my view before you jump on this opportunity you need to research it, research it.

  6. $20k for a kiosk, how long until you recoup your cost? years? Also, how did your vet DVD Now to make sure they were legit?


  7. @jimcliffy
    really how much was it as i am interested in it myself.

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