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DVD Now Kiosk at Adelphi University

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7 thoughts on “DVD Now Kiosk at Adelphi University

  1. What do I need to buy, to print out the bare codes on the tage labels? I just got a used dvdkiosk, And I don't know how to put new labels on new dvd's. How do I do this? My kiosk didn't come with a book. Thanks

  2. Were can I buy these dvd cases? I just bought a dvdnow kiosk, And I can't find ANYONE who sell's the cases, Thanks.

  3. its better than blockbuster video!!!

  4. Or you could just torrent lol

  5. I use netflix 15 dollars a month better than wasting gas

  6. I would like to know also @asman1981, why did you get out of the business?

  7. Dr. Seuss is nervous. (body language)

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