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DTG Kiosk Upgrade: Bulk Ink System EZ Pro

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5 thoughts on “DTG Kiosk Upgrade: Bulk Ink System EZ Pro

  1. How Much the Bulk Ink System EZ Pro ?

  2. @Xonski No, you only pretreat shirts that you're going to print white ink on. For example, if you're going to print on a black t-shirt you'll need to pretreat it first so that the white ink binds to the top of the garment instead of soaking in.

    There are other pretreatments available on the market (for example, a pretreatment to let you print on 100% polyester shirts) however, the rule usually holds: no white ink, no pretreat.

  3. @equipzone do you need to pre-treat all the shirts?

  4. @Xonski Direct-to-Garment prints are very high quality. They wash well and feel great. One advantage is that you can print thousands of different colors at one time. So in one pass (two with white ink) you get a bright, multicolor image with all the detail and gradients in your design.

  5. I have a question, how different the quality of the print is from screen printing process. thanks

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